Pricing for 2019


Our professional computer generated reports are very comprehensive, averaging 30+ pages,  and are delivered the same day with digital photographs, providing you with the information you need. The typical time we spend on site on a 1800 square foot home is 3.5-4 hours. 

Payment is expected at time of service. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks and cash.

Credit card service fee of $10 added.


Single family homes


  • up to 1500 finished square feet    $295
  • 1501-2500 finished square feet    $325
  • 2501-3000 finished square feet    $350
  • 3001-3500 finished square feet    $375
  • 3501-4000 finished square feet    $400
  • 4001-4500 finished square feet    $440
  • 4501-5000 finished square feet    $480

  • Larger homes, please call.

         Crawl spaces or unfinished basements are an additional $50.


                                                  Water Testing

  • On site water analysis upon request   $85

                                         Reinspection of safety issues

  • After repairs are done, upon request, we will reinspect all safety issues to assure the repairs are properly for a charge of $50.




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Auburn, IN 46706


Business Hours

Monday through Saturday,

9am to 7 pm.


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